Impact of Clinical Journals Over Other Non-Clinical Journals

How clinical journals making an impact over the other scientific journals like medical science and business management?

Clinical sciences are multidisciplinary in nature by including medical, pharmaceutical, business, management, statistics and informatics, along with the other life sciences like biology, chemistry, earth and environmental sciences. Clinical sciences play an immense role in finding the root cause of any epidemic that may impact the millions of lives.

Right from detecting the pathogen, clinical sciences can significantly impact the treatment and rehabilitation by getting the right therapeutic solutions. By analyzing the bodily fluids including the blood, urine, tissues, membranes and cells, the clinical sciences could give the clear picture of the individual and the exact information on when and how the disease-causing pathogen contacted the human and how it can be eliminated. Its role in discovering the right diagnostic tools, medical devices for delivering drugs with accuracy, and the best treatment and patient management techniques is imminent.

Clinical trials play a significant role in the discovery of vaccines and preventing the communicable as well as non-communicable diseases. It is not an exaggeration to state that even metabolic and lifestyle oriented diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and the other global public health concerns like obesity, depression, and the mental health disorders rely on clinical investigations for precise solutions.

Clinical Data is dictating the global health and economies as it is the source for the multibillion-dollar business on medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and palliative care and therapy.   Bioinformatics is another area where the clinical data can be used in the modern societies to enhance healthcare. Clinical science advancements are no doubt contributing to the development of better medical and healthcare solutions all over the globe. Clinical journals that showcase the latest findings are key players in the knowledge and information dissemination.

The advent of the Internet and innovations in the communication technologies is facilitating the open access to clinical science information to a cross-section of readers and users. Hence Clinical journals have an edge over the medical, business and management journals.

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